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Victor's address is Rudakova St., 33a, Gorlovka, Ukraine (she also gave me this same address as her home address in an earlier letter to me as well as the other address listed above at Dimitrova 17? May be she lives with him sometimes when she gets lonely on the weekends? By the way, did you call with the help of an operator or you just called straight?

She is trying to get me to send her money for airline tickets, passport and a visa which she claims she can get from this agency USPEH. Could this cause the connection problems, I wonder...?

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Go a couple rounds, and athletes start looking more confident about their conditioning (small goals achieved make big gains).

You know, our life is so short and I don't want to waste it without you! My mother said that since I am free from my lessons and exams I can come to her office just as often as I can, so if you think that it would be a good idea to try hearing each other on the phone on Monday, then I am all for it! If yes, please, let me know if you can before Monday, Andy.

Well, as we say here in Russia "The first pancake never comes out round..." That means that one should never give up after a failure.

You will also notice her passport copy which she sent to me is probably a fake and not done very well. However, it's already Saturday evening and it just stopped raining two hour ago.

I did not send her any money as she is a scammer but please feel free to add her to your Blacklist and also place the director of this USPEH agency, Victor Politaev on it as well. Yesterday it was gloomy all day and the internet cafe didn't work till today afternoon because of the thunderstorm.


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