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Whether it does or not will depend on the kind of advisers Trump relies on in shaping his China policy. •The Chinese people endured a "century of humiliation" from 1842 to 1945, during which time they suffered exploitation and bullying from Western nations and the Japanese.

I would hope, for example, that Trump is made aware of two particular points:•Both the government of the People's Republic of China and the Mainland Chinese in general regard Taiwan as an inherent and inseparable part of their nation. In the 28-year span of the Plains Indian Wars from 1862 to 1890, the same top military leaders who commanded the Union Army in the Civil War were also the top military commanders in the U. Partly because of this, China's government is adamant in its refusal to yield to overt pressure or attempts at intimidation by foreign powers; there is no chance that Beijing will offer any concessions in response to a provocative phone call.

It's going to be that way again."The Pizza Parlor building has been there since 1978, when James Froelich and his father, Del, purchased the business and moved it there from its original spot at 3138 W. Enquirer archives show that the family invested more than 0,000 in the restaurant, which opened its doors with pizza, sandwiches, soups and a salad bar as well as a liquor license.

Diane, who also goes by Diana and is married to James, spent years contributing to the restaurant while managing her career as a nurse in Kalamazoo County.

But gradually it was revealed that the conversation and its implications were, after all, entirely intentional.

Thirty-five years and three generations of the Froelich family came and went at the corner of Michigan Avenue and Custer Drive in Bedford Township.

Their beloved Pizza Parlor was a local jewel, sandwiched between the modest homes of Urbandale, some larger ones toward Gull Lake and the industry of the Fort Custer Industrial Park.

Our Omaha parlor is open 7 days a week with 16 fabulous flavors that rotate daily. Summer Hours Sun-Thur 11am - 10pm Fri & Sat 11am - 11pm 5001 Underwood Ave., Omaha, NE( 6 blocks north of Dodge Street in the heart of Dundee ) Get directions Choose a flavor available in today’s selection and make your very own pint by adding a custom name, or visit the Personalized Pick Your Pints page for a wide selection of flavors.

Call ahead, and we'll have it ready for you to give as a gift or take home to your freezer.


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