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There’s a calculated strategy behind the way she disciplines her boys by either withholding her attention or lavishing them with her creepy love, and Barkin is charismatic enough to inject those scenes with layers of shading and ambiguity.

The actress gives the character a queenly walk and a tough, steely vibe, but, despite her formidable abilities, Smurf never quite becomes the love-to-hate-her character she could be, in part because some of the worst things she does make it easy to write her off as a garden-variety sociopath.

Before he was Frodo Baggins, former child star Wood was awkward high school student turned world-saver Casey Connor.

He’s continued to book starring roles on TV and in film since then, with his most recent project being movies.

Her character is based on a cross between Calpernia's then roommate Chyna (Charles Tubbs) and Regine Phillips who has tried unsuccessfully to win the Miss Continental title.

See more » In the weight room when Baker is gossiping about Winchell, Winchell is pumping weights in a continuous movement.

But a shot from Winchell's perspective shows his arms down with no apparent movement. It does have the standard host of Army reality errors -- calling NCOs sir, wearing hats indoors when not bearing weapons, calling a Sergeant Major "sarge," etc.

With that in mind, let’s see what they’re up to 18 years later, in 2016.Click through to see Megan Fox mate with a Hobbit, Calvin Harris make out with one of Taylor Swift's best friends, and Mischa Barton seduce Enrique Iglesias. The character of Ginger is played by female impersonator Tulsi Balram who would go on to become Miss Continental 1998.She has maintained a low profile and has not revealed about her current relationship.However, she dated Despite being a celeb, she rarely uses social medias to share anything personal.Time and again, characters take “shocking” actions that are meant to signal that the show is willing to go to dark places, but there’s so little context and history behind those moments that it’s difficult to care about what occurs or about the ramifications of those acts.


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